The next big thing.


Clients love to say, “everyone.” In this case Samsung could make a good case to say that, but our strategy team did an excellent job of taking everyone and turning it into 7 target groups. That included 2 home appliance shoppers (premium older / premium younger), 2 TV shoppers (early adopters / married with children), and 3 mobile shoppers (mobile fanatics / status seekers / pragmatic power users).


Redesign a constrained segment of as an incremental start to an entire site redesign. The initial brief included category landing pages (Mobile, TV & Audio, Appliances) and sub-category pages. Create contextual relevance to address the needs for the many different audience types that use the site.


We took a molecular/atomic design approach to accommodate the ever-changing content needs. This approach would allow the pages to be built based on unique visitor information available at time of visit. It also would allow for quicker development of new or updated pages. boxy wires
Boxy wires set the foundation for the molecular design. category and sub-category redesign styleguide
A simple styleguide evolved through the process to keep the work consistent. mobile designs
Mobile first approach made sure our designs worked small. laptop desktop designs
Larger format designs were easier to adapt from mobile.