Samsung flagship product experience page

Samsung flagship product experience page pitch


Create a Galaxy brand microsite that would showcase flagship products through the entire lifecycle—teaser, unpack, pre-tail, launch, and long-tail.


A dynamic site that evolves throughout the product lifecycle. The page is actually an aggregator of all the content users are looking for from Samsung (product specs), experts (e.g. from Gizmodo, TechCrunch, etc.), customers (e.g. from YouTube, Twitter, etc.) and friends (e.g. from Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Samsung Project Zero demo PDP to PEP
The major shift, turn product detail pages (PDPs) into product experience pages (PEPs) boxy wires
The key to the PEP, bring in voices beyond Samsung’s (experts, owners, everyone) PEP product lifecyle
To bring this to life, we needed to plan how the page shifts over the product lifecyle personalized content idea
Where possible, we looked to personalize content
(e.g. at a product unpack, we show specs vs your current device if we know it)
Samsung S6 UK Launch

Galaxy S6 UK launch pitch

The hunt for next.


Introduce the Galaxy S6 to London in a pre-launch/launch campaign that focused on amazing battery life and incredible video quality.


A scavenger hunt where Galaxy S6s are placed throughout London in iconic spots (some mobile, e.g. the tube, black cars, the London Eye) with the camera turned on and live streaming (through Meerkat or Periscope) their location. Whoever gets there first wins.

How it works

From Jamie Oliver’s Kitchen at Fifteen to the front seat of a taxi to sound check at a local concert hall, we see live-streams of London from a new perspective. Some locations would be easy to identify, like a spot near the London Eye, some might be hard, like a taxi or tube zipping around the 

The twist? All of these live-streams utilize the S6’s best-in-class camera and battery life.

Each live-stream is the phone location because the feed is coming from the S6s!

The first person to figure out and get to the location gets the phone. If the battery runs out before the phone is found, it’s out of play.

Samsung teases the hunt using their social channels (paid and owned), influencers, and stores. On April 9th every hour on the hour, leading up to the April 10th launch, a new phone/location is released via promoted tweets and Facebook posts (24 phones in total).

Samsung S6 UK Launch mood
The life of the campaign would play out in Social media, with the prize phones being a big source of content.