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Samsung K‑JJANG Platform

Get closer to what you love.


Create a repeatable model for increasing regional sales for flagship product launches across Asia. (pilot program Note 4 / Taiwan)


A brand and platform focused on core consumers passion points, K-Pop, with an emphasis on user generated content and social hooks.


Campaign buzz on influential programming (e.g MTV Taiwan), higher click-through rate on online ads and social posts (compared to similar past executions), compelling user generated content, and a framework that would allow for quicker future executions.

Samsung K-JJANG ecosystem
K-JJANG platform ecosystem, repeatable UGC contest
Samsung K-JJANG branding
Samsung K-JJANG branding usage
Example of Samsung K-JJANG branding treatments
Samsung K-JJANG mobile
Samsung K-JJANG mobile experience
Samsung K-JJANG desktop
Samsung K-JJANG desktop experience
Samsung K-JJANG Note 4 pilot launch
Samsung K-JJANG Note 4 pilot launch with Geeun and Choice 37 K-POP influencers
Samsung K-JJANG Geeun Interview